In 2015, the Center of Investigation and Promotion of Human Rights (known in Spanish as CIPRODEH) initiated a process called the Youth Legislative Agenda, under the leadership of the YOUTH PARLIAMENTARY NETWORK, composed of young congresspersons from the NATIONAL CONGRESS OF THE REPUBLIC OF HONDURAS, with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

By 2016 the United Nations Fund for Democracy (UNDEF) approves a project to continue and conclude the process in 2017, as an initiative directed from social organizations and youth leaderships, to be presented to the new Congress that will be installed in January of 2018, with the aspiration that this power of the State assumes it in its integral work the agenda in mention.

With the foregoing, the Coordination of Private Institutions for Girls, Children, Youth, Adolescents and their Rights (known in Spanish as COIPRODEN), CASA ALIANZA, the Committee for Freedom of Expression (known is Spanish as C-LIBRE), CIPRODEH and the other YOUTH NETWORKS have associated our initiative to facilitate this process and guarantee its success.

The process will involve a series of regional consultations with specialized sectors in different topics, with experts on youth issues, state planning and international commitments.

The agenda also seeks to strengthen the representative and oversight dimension of the National Congress in the interest of better interaction between representatives and represented, as well as the accountability of State entities appointed by the Legislative Branch who have mandate to seek the integral well-being of the youth in Honduras.

The construction of the Youth Legislative Agenda will nourish on the Constitution of the Republic; the national laws and policies on youth; the Country Vision 2010-2038 and the 2010-2022 Nation Plan; of the conventions; treaties; agreements; protocols and other documents signed by the State of Honduras, as well as with various recommendations made to the State. It will consider with particular interest Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in resolution 70/1.

The Young Legislative Agenda will be the ideal instrument for the General Work Plan of the National Congress of the Republic, within the framework of its interests in favor of the Honduran youth.